Root Canal Therapy

Signs you may need a root canal: 

  • Extreme hot or cold sensitivity 
  • Swelling and/or facial pain
  • A constant toothache 
  • A small “pimple” near the gumline of the tooth
Will my root canal hurt?

Many patients say that the root canal helps relieve the pain that they were experiencing from their infection. Root canals are a common procedure and Dr. Popat will ensure that you are comfortable. The procedure is made much easier with a local anesthetic and will help to clean out the infection that is causing your pain.

Why do I need a root canal?

Some of the most common reasons that you may need a root canal procedure are extensive decay to the nerve of your tooth, a large tooth fracture, or trauma to the tooth. When a tooth is infected or the nerve is exposed, you may feel a great deal of pain. The infection can spread fairly fast if treatment isn’t done in a timely manner.