How to Relieve Tooth Pain After Filling

June 15, 2024

Cavities, or tiny holes in teeth caused by decay, are often treated with tooth fillings. Your dentist will use amalgam or composite to fix holes during a filling procedure. Even though dental fillings are a simple procedure, they can still trigger sensitivity in many people. So, how do you relieve tooth pain after filling? Let’s explore the cause and treatment.

What Causes Sensitivity or Pain After a Filling?

Here are the causes of sensitivity or pain after a filling:

Change in Bite

A tooth with a filling may occasionally become taller than the surrounding teeth. The increased pressure on the impacted tooth makes it uncomfortable to close your mouth. Biting down can sometimes even cause the filling to break, so as soon as you detect anything off with your bite, get in touch with your dentist.

Different Tooth Surfaces

Another reason you can have pain or sensitivity is if your mouth has two separate surfaces. For instance, you can have a strange feeling when two teeth come into contact if one has a gold crown and the other, either above or below, has a silver filling.


Allergy to the materials used in the filling may be the cause of pain after filling. If you believe you may be experiencing an allergic response, get in touch with your dentist since they can use different materials to redo the filling.

Ways to Relive Pain After Tooth Filling

Pain after dental fillings is quite common and can be treated easily, such as avoiding specific food and beverages. Here are some simple ways to treat pain or sensitivity after a filling:

  • Using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth can help prevent sensations from getting to the tooth’s nerve since potassium nitrate blocks some of them.
  • Rinse your mouth after consuming extremely acidic food or beverages.
  • Avoid any teeth-whitening products that can increase sensitivity.
  • Use a softer toothbrush that uses gentle circular strokes to clean your teeth and gums without damaging your enamel.
  • You can use a cold pack in the treated area. Apply the cold pack three times a day for approximately twenty minutes each. The frozen water will mold itself to your face without moving too much; just be careful not to press the bottle too hard while you hold it on your cheeks.

How Long Until Dental Filling Feels Normal?

Amalgam filling requires 24 hours to feel normal while composite fillings undergo hardening upon exposure to UV radiation. You must still allow them to set for a minimum of two hours. Additionally, porcelain fillings feel normal 24 hours after installation.

Final Thought!

Although tooth pain after a filling is uncomfortable, there are easy ways to relieve pain after filling. However, if the pain doesn’t go away even after trying all the techniques mentioned above, you must see a dentist to talk about your issues.

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