Fluoride Treatment in Ceres, CA

Fluoride is a key ingredient for keeping your teeth healthy and stronger. It remineralizes the enamel, making it more resistant to dental caries. If you want to prevent cavities or strengthen your existing teeth, our practice offers fluoride treatment in Ceres, CA, as a part of preventive dental care. It helps to keep the harmful oral bacteria at bay and preserves your beautiful smile for many years. Don’t wait any longer, and visit Divine Dental Studio today to discover more about preventive dentistry measures. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Popat today to get started.

Fluoride Treatment

Who Is A Good Candidate For Fluoride Treatment?

Our Ceres, CA, team advises fluoride treatment for young children; however, it is a good option for patients of all ages. Kids with newly erupted are more prone to dental cavities because their enamel is slightly weaker. Using fluoride-containing toothpaste can help, but it may not be sufficient and carries a risk of ingestion.
Fluoride treatment is a better option in such cases because it is a quick, painless procedure that provides much better protection. It is also suitable for adults and old patients with weak enamel or those susceptible to cavities. We also recommend this treatment for those suffering tooth sensitivity due to receding gums.

Why Is Fluoride Treatment Important?

Fluoride is an essential mineral that makes the tooth enamel stronger and prevents your teeth from dental decay. The American Dental Association (ADA) and American Medical Association (AMA) have emphasized the importance of fluoride for oral health.
Our Ceres, CA, professionals focus on preventive dentistry measures, including fluoride treatment, to lower the risk of dental cavities and future dental concerns. Getting this treatment at an early stage will improve the structure of your enamel to provide long-lasting protection against tooth decay.

Question About Fluoride Treatment?

What Happens During Our Fluoride Treatment In Ceres, CA?

We offer a range of flavors and solutions to make the process of fluoride application more fun and enjoyable for your kids. After you have chosen a flavor, our team will prepare the fluoride solution for your treatment.
The solution will stay on your teeth for a few minutes to let the fluoride ions bond with your tooth enamel. After finishing this process, we will rinse the solution from your mouth. Our team will give you the necessary instructions after the treatment. As a precaution, you must avoid eating, drinking, and rinsing your mouth for the next few minutes to let the fluoride ions incorporate well with your enamel.

What Happens After The Treatment?

Fluoride application at our Ceres, CA, practice is painless and non-invasive. You may feel a little nauseous afterward if you accidentally swallow fluoride during treatment. It should not be a worry as these symptoms are short-lived and fade within 24 hours. If you are highly prone to dental caries, our dentists may prescribe fluoride tablets for extra strength and protection.

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Amazing staff and dentist. I had been in pain for almost 2 years and the dentist took care of my problem right away and made me feel very comfortable during the process

Cindy Cox.

Greatest experience I have ever had. Staff was super friendly, experienced, and I received great dental care. Dr. Lomesh Popat was gracious, and promptly tended to my needed care. Highly recommend this dental service. My sincere appreciation to all.

Wilma Cabiles.

Beautiful office. Ultra clean and comfortable. Staff is warm and friendly and very helpful. Dentist is gentle and kind and very smart! You won't go wrong here!

Shelley Gendernalik.

Just moved from Fresno and it had been a longgggg time since my last cleaning. They made me feel welcomed and Dr was nice.

James Rosales.

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