Dental Sealants in Ceres, CA

Many children develop dental cavities that affect their teeth from a young age. Practicing good oral hygiene measures like routine brushing and flossing can help, but it may not completely eliminate the risk. As a preventive measure, Divine Dental Studio offers dental sealants in Ceres, CA, that are a trusted way to limit the development of cavities among kids and adults. Our qualified expert, Dr. Popat, and his team believe that early preventive care is better than costly treatments at a later stage. To find out if sealants are right for your child, book an appointment at our practice today.

Dental Sealants

How Do Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities?

When you bite or chew food, it may get stuck in the grooves or pits on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. Brushing can remove trapped food particles, but some bits may remain even after proper oral hygiene. Bacteria in your mouth can turn them into acidic substances, causing tooth decay.
We can help prevent the risk of cavities with dental sealants in Ceres, CA. These thin coatings effectively seal the deep fissures and grooves on the chewing surfaces of your posterior teeth. They help to create a protective layer against harmful oral bacteria and prevent tooth damage.

At What Age Should My Child Get Dental Sealants?

It is better to bring your child for preventive dental care at an early age. The American Dental Association (ADA) advises sealants for children as soon as their first permanent molars appear. Usually, the first molars erupt at the age of 6 or 7 years, so our Ceres, CA team recommends getting dental sealants around that period to avoid caries.
Besides permanent teeth, sealants can also help to protect baby teeth from decay. If your child eats candies often or has other habits that may raise the risk of tooth decay, getting sealants at an early age can prevent several risks. We also recommend tooth sealants for adults who are at high risk of developing cavities.

Question About Dental Sealants?

What Happens During Dental Sealants Application In Ceres, CA?

The process for getting dental sealants is fast and easy. It does not need local anesthesia, but if your child is nervous or uneasy, we may use sedation anesthesia to help them feel comfortable. We will start the procedure by cleaning and drying the tooth surfaces. Next, we will apply an acidic solution to the chewing surfaces of your teeth. It helps the sealants to adhere better with your teeth. We will rinse the solution after a few seconds and cover the pits and grooves with sealants. Lastly, our team will harden the material using a special curing light. The overall process takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

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Amazing staff and dentist. I had been in pain for almost 2 years and the dentist took care of my problem right away and made me feel very comfortable during the process

Cindy Cox.

Greatest experience I have ever had. Staff was super friendly, experienced, and I received great dental care. Dr. Lomesh Popat was gracious, and promptly tended to my needed care. Highly recommend this dental service. My sincere appreciation to all.

Wilma Cabiles.

Beautiful office. Ultra clean and comfortable. Staff is warm and friendly and very helpful. Dentist is gentle and kind and very smart! You won't go wrong here!

Shelley Gendernalik.

Just moved from Fresno and it had been a longgggg time since my last cleaning. They made me feel welcomed and Dr was nice.

James Rosales.

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