Floss Stuck In Between Teeth: What To Do?

May 30, 2024

Preparing your skin and oral hygiene just before bed has to be the most therapeutic part of the day. It’s incredible how a simple skincare routine, brushing and flossing daily, can make a huge difference in your day. However, tiny incidents like floss stuck in between teeth can disturb your nighttime routine, but we have a solution for that. Let’s explore!

Why Does Floss Stuck Between Teeth?

Dental floss is strong, but occasionally, a piece may break off and get fixed in your teeth. The possible causes for your floss thread to break and get stuck in your teeth are as follows:

  1. Tooth decay, dental restorations, and other factors can cause tooth surfaces to become rough or roughened. Rather than sliding over these rough surfaces with ease, floss has a tendency to snag and become stuck.
  2. You may find flossing hard if you have overcrowded teeth. The floss thread may become entangled on the edge of the tooth and break because of the lack of room.
  3. A tiny coating of wax coats waxed floss, making it easier for it to glide between teeth. Unwaxed floss, on the other hand, is not coated and, therefore, is more likely to become tangled in small areas or on uneven surfaces.
  4. The floss may become entangled in and split around a loose or improperly fitting dental crown or filling. This can be quite harmful and necessitates dental care right away since there’s a chance that the opening can create bacterial infection.

How to Get Floss Stuck in Between Teeth Out?

Sometimes, it is common for a tiny bit of fiber or dental floss to be stuck between your teeth. It can happen for different reasons, such as you are moving too quickly, or perhaps the floss is just a little shaky. If it happens, just release one of the floss’s ends. After that, you may push the floss between your teeth. Try gently shifting the trapped floss piece between them by shimmering it from the side if it is not moving as smoothly.

Avoid yanking or pulling the floss if it is stuck in your teeth; the gums may get irritated, toothache might trigger, and the tiny nylon strands in the floss may even sever or scrape the gum line, causing bleeding.

How to Floss Properly?

To prevent the floss from sticking in between your teeth, use the following instructions:

  • Clean both sides of each tooth by gently moving back and forth and following its curvature.
  • Don’t rush; take extra seconds for each tooth in order to clean along the teeth and gum line.
  • Angle the floss in a C-shape against each tooth, reaching slightly below the gum line.
  • Take extra care if you have tight spaces between your teeth.

Bottom Line!

Brushing and flossing daily are an important part of oral hygiene. As crucial as they both are, not brushing and flossing properly can cause dental issues. Floss being stuck in between teeth is an awful experience, and you can avoid it simply by using the flossing technique given above. Visit us at Divine Dental Studio of Ceres for a better understanding of the issue. Book your appointment by calling us at (209) 207-7777.



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