Single Tooth Implants in Ceres, CA

Losing your teeth can negatively impact your oral health and smile, making you feel less confident about your appearance. But the good news is that we have a solution that can restore your teeth permanently! At Divine Dental Studio, we offer single tooth implants in Ceres, CA, to replace one or more missing teeth. Our qualified dentist, Dr. Popat, and his team will evaluate your remaining teeth to design customized implants that restore the health and beauty of your smile.
No need to hide your smile anymore because of lost tooth gaps. Get an appointment at our practice today to find a long-term solution for your missing teeth.

Single Tooth Implants

Am I A Good Candidate For Single Tooth Implants In Ceres, CA?

Single dental implants are an ideal choice for replacing missing teeth, but before the treatment, our Ceres, CA, specialist will assess whether you are a good candidate. Factors that impact the success of implants include:

  • Oral hygiene: You must have proper oral hygiene to ensure the success of implants. If you have cavities, plaque, or gum disease, they can cause problems after implant surgery.
  • Sufficient jawbone: Dental implants need a strong base to hold them in place. We may recommend bone grafting for those with extensive bone loss.
  • Age: Implants are best for people who are over 18 or have all their teeth erupted. They have a fully developed jaw that can offer better support.
  • Other factors: Chronic smoking, alcohol intake, diabetes, heart disease, and some other medical conditions can affect the prognosis of implant treatment.

Benefits of Single Tooth Implants at Divine Dental Studio

Our single tooth implants in Ceres, CA, offer many benefits to your oral health, including:

  • They are permanent and provide long-term retention.
  • They replace both the crown and root portion of your missing teeth.
  • With these implants, you can comfortably eat your favorite foods.
  • Their natural-looking appearance adds to the beauty of your smile.
  • They prevent your face from sagging and keep you looking young.
  • They prevent bone loss by promoting healthy bone formation.
  • You can brush and floss them just like natural teeth.

Question About Single Tooth Implants?

What Happens During Our Implant Procedure?

Getting single tooth implants will require more than one dental visit to our Ceres, CA, practice. First, we will complete a clinical exam and record 3D oral scans to plan your treatment in detail. The first step of this procedure is to surgically insert implant posts in your jawbone. We will numb the area and drill a small hole at the site of missing teeth to place implant posts. These are tiny metal screws that act as the roots of your natural teeth.
Implant posts need to heal and fuse with your bone to offer proper retention. This can take 3 to 6 months. After sufficient healing, we will connect the implant posts with abutments and cover them with artificial teeth (crown, bridge, or denture). They resemble your remaining teeth, giving your mouth a natural look and feel.

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Some of happy patients sharing their experience with Divine Dental Studio

Amazing staff and dentist. I had been in pain for almost 2 years and the dentist took care of my problem right away and made me feel very comfortable during the process

Cindy Cox.

Greatest experience I have ever had. Staff was super friendly, experienced, and I received great dental care. Dr. Lomesh Popat was gracious, and promptly tended to my needed care. Highly recommend this dental service. My sincere appreciation to all.

Wilma Cabiles.

Beautiful office. Ultra clean and comfortable. Staff is warm and friendly and very helpful. Dentist is gentle and kind and very smart! You won't go wrong here!

Shelley Gendernalik.

Just moved from Fresno and it had been a longgggg time since my last cleaning. They made me feel welcomed and Dr was nice.

James Rosales.

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