Overdenture Implants in Ceres, CA

Missing teeth can be a hassle, and conventional dentures may not always be the best solution. That’s why Dr. Popat and his team at Divine Dental Studio offer a better alternative: overdenture implants in Ceres, CA, that are much more stable and long-lasting. These dentures are comfortable to wear and replace the maximum functional abilities of your oral cavity. And the best part is, you can easily remove them for cleaning purposes. If you are interested in our dental implant services, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at our practice today. We will help you get the smile you deserve with the best tooth replacement options.

Overdenture Implants

What Are Overdenture Implants?

Overdentures are prosthetic replacements that are supported by dental implants in the jawbone. We insert 2 to 4 dental implant posts in your jaw that act as anchors for the denture, providing it with long-term support and retention. Compared to conventional dentures with a large acrylic base, implant-supported dentures cover a small portion of your oral tissues. It allows more freedom for speech and other oral functions.
If you have lost multiple teeth in your upper and lower jaws, our team in Ceres, CA, can provide full arch rehabilitation with implant overdentures. We custom-design to match the appearance and bite of your mouth, giving it a realistic look.

Are Overdentures Different From Regular Dentures?

The main difference between overdentures and dentures is that of stability. Removable dentures rely on the suction between the denture and the bone ridges to hold them in place. However, the suction force becomes weak and unreliable with time.
On the other hand, our overdenture implants in Ceres, CA, use metal implant posts to secure the denture over the jawbone, which provides a stronger and more reliable attachment. This factor makes them stronger and more reliable than conventional dentures. They also cover a lesser surface area of the oral cavity, providing greater ease and comfort.

Question About Overdenture Implants?

Steps Involved In Overdenture Implants In Ceres, CA

During your initial visit to our Ceres, CA, practice, we will clinically examine your oral cavity to assess whether you qualify for overdenture implants. For this procedure, you must have sufficient jawbone and good oral hygiene for the success of dental implants. We will also use advanced technology to create digital scans of your mouth to help us insert the implants precisely.
Our dentists perform the implant surgery under local anesthesia to make it as painless as possible. It is a minimally invasive procedure during which we will place metal implant posts in your jawbone.
You will need to wait for a few months for the implants to bond with the bone. Finally, we will attach a custom-made denture over the implants using special abutments that allow you to easily remove and reattach the denture as needed. Our team will provide instructions on using and cleaning your denture regularly to enhance its lifespan.

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Amazing staff and dentist. I had been in pain for almost 2 years and the dentist took care of my problem right away and made me feel very comfortable during the process

Cindy Cox.

Greatest experience I have ever had. Staff was super friendly, experienced, and I received great dental care. Dr. Lomesh Popat was gracious, and promptly tended to my needed care. Highly recommend this dental service. My sincere appreciation to all.

Wilma Cabiles.

Beautiful office. Ultra clean and comfortable. Staff is warm and friendly and very helpful. Dentist is gentle and kind and very smart! You won't go wrong here!

Shelley Gendernalik.

Just moved from Fresno and it had been a longgggg time since my last cleaning. They made me feel welcomed and Dr was nice.

James Rosales.

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