Can You Eat After A Root Canal?

February 15, 2024

Are you dreading your upcoming root canal treatment? A root canal procedure helps remove the infected pulp in your tooth, saving you from the agony and tooth extraction. The endodontist will thoroughly clean your tooth, making sure to get rid of the inflamed pulp. You will feel relief after your recovery, but there are a few restrictions to ensure proper healing following the endodontic treatment. So, can you eat after a root canal? Read this blog to learn.

When Can You Eat After a Root Canal?

Generally, endodontists recommend waiting to eat until the numbness from your teeth and gums fades. It could take a few hours for the numbness to fully go away after the root canal procedure. Professionals recommend not eating right after a root canal since your gums and possibly your tongue are numb. Therefore, when you eat or drink, you might accidentally burn or bite your cheeks or tongue. Moreover, you might accidentally damage your temporary filling!

Foods to Eat After a Root Canal

Once you can eat, you should not dive into the steaks and ice cream right away! Your affected tooth and the surrounding area are still healing. You will need to be careful about your diet and follow your dentist’s advice on what to consume. Here are some foods you can eat after a root canal:

  1. Proteins: You need a well-balanced diet that consists of proteins. Your endodontist might allow you to consume hummus, tofu, canned tuna, beans, peanut butter, eggs, and more.
  2. Fats: Your diet could also consist of yogurt, soft cheese, cottage cheese, and other endodontists-recommended food options.
  3. Fruits & Vegetables: Your body needs the benefits fruits and vegetables have to offer, but you cannot eat any healthy food you want. Soup, applesauce, mango, smoothies, mashed potatoes, and pureed winter squash might be some good options for your post-root canal diet.
  4. Grains: Some grains that you can include in your routine include oatmeal, pasta, soft bread, couscous, etc. Ask your dental specialist for recommendations!

Foods to Avoid After a Root Canal

There are certain foods that can delay recovery and even cause complications after your endodontic treatment. You need to be careful not to consume anything that could damage your temporary filling or aggravate tooth sensitivity and soreness. These include:

  • Extremely hot and cold foods or drinks.
  • Sticky foods, such as gum and candy.
  • Chewy foods, including some cuts of meat and crusty sourdough.
  • Crunchy foods like chips and pretzels.

Your endodontist will allow you to resume your normal diet after the permanent restoration is complete. However, you will need to be cautious regarding your diet.

Final Note

Many people are scared of root canal procedures, but they are actually pretty helpful and reduce discomfort. The procedure involves removing an infected pulp, and you will need some time to fully recover. You may have to follow some restrictions, which include dietary restrictions as well. Your endodontist will tell you what you can eat and what to avoid after the procedure!

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