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How to Repair Tooth Enamel? Tips and Tricks

Jun 30, 202467 Views

Enamel, the shining protector of your tooth, guards your priceless smile. However, this resilient exterior is not unbeatable and can be worn down by sugar, acid, and everyday habits. The erosion of enamel can make your teeth vulnerable and more susceptible to sensitivity and damage. So, how to repair tooth enamel? Fret not, dear reader; […]

How to Relieve Tooth Pain After Filling

Jun 15, 202479 Views

Cavities, or tiny holes in teeth caused by decay, are often treated with tooth fillings. Your dentist will use amalgam or composite to fix holes during a filling procedure. Even though dental fillings are a simple procedure, they can still trigger sensitivity in many people. So, how do you relieve tooth pain after filling? Let’s […]

Floss Stuck In Between Teeth: What To Do?

May 30, 2024258 Views

Preparing your skin and oral hygiene just before bed has to be the most therapeutic part of the day. It’s incredible how a simple skincare routine, brushing and flossing daily, can make a huge difference in your day. However, tiny incidents like floss stuck in between teeth can disturb your nighttime routine, but we have […]

Why Are My Teeth Falling Out?

May 15, 2024179 Views

Tooth loss can make you extremely self-conscious and depressed. It not only affects the appearance of your smile but also your speech, diet, and general oral health. You have to take quick action to prevent excruciating infections and to understand the cause of tooth loss so that it’s avoided in the future. More importantly, you […]

Waking Up Gasping For Breath Causes

Apr 15, 2024206 Views

If you are waking up gasping for breath, chances are it requires medical attention. While it is possible that you just had a nightmare, it is still important to consult a specialist. You may have been waking up and feeling short of breath due to sleep apnea or something completely different. Read this blog to […]

All You Need To Know About Veneers Vs. Crowns

Mar 30, 2024234 Views

Veneers and crowns are restorative dental solutions that improve the appearance and function of your teeth. Many people confuse the two, which is why we will discuss veneers vs. crowns in this blog. Continue reading to learn more. Defining Dental Veneers vs. Crowns There are different types of veneers, but porcelain is a popular choice. […]

Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

Mar 15, 2024313 Views

It is not uncommon to notice that your gums are bleeding. When it happens, many individuals panic and wonder: why are my gums bleeding? In this blog, we will talk about the possible reasons why you have bleeding gums and if it requires emergency dental care. Reasons You Have Bleeding Gums Before you assume the […]

How Long After Teeth Cleaning Can I Eat?

Feb 29, 2024356 Views

Although dental professionals recommend professional teeth cleanings once every six months, many people fail to keep up with the regular sessions. It is a procedure that involves the dentist or dental hygienist thoroughly cleaning your teeth in a professional manner. You can even receive fluoride treatment along with the cleaning session. Many times, people raise […]

Can You Eat After A Root Canal?

Feb 15, 2024400 Views

Are you dreading your upcoming root canal treatment? A root canal procedure helps remove the infected pulp in your tooth, saving you from the agony and tooth extraction. The endodontist will thoroughly clean your tooth, making sure to get rid of the inflamed pulp. You will feel relief after your recovery, but there are a […]



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