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Bringing Out Your Beautiful Smile!

Dentist in Ceres, CA

A bright and self-assured smile has the power to bring so much positivity into a person’s life, and Dr. Lomesh Popat, our dedicated dentist in Ceres, CA, is committed to ensuring that the journey to achieving it is as rewarding as can be. At Divine Dental Studio, Whether you’re here for routine check-ups or urgent dental needs, our dental office, conveniently located near you, promises top-notch care, contemporary treatments, and a welcoming environment every time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Dentistry Tailored for You

Discover the holistic approach to dental care at Divine Dental Studio, where we go beyond just treating teeth. Benefit from our education and experience across various specialties.

General Dentistry

Experience advanced digital X-rays, thorough oral health assessments, cleanings, oral cancer screenings, and personalized oral hygiene instructions. At our facility, we present options and the information you need for your oral health and procedures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Achieve a brighter, younger-looking smile with our custom whitening trays. Tailored to fit your teeth, they ensure even and efficient whitening for longer-lasting results. Explore various options, both over-the-counter and professional, at Divine Dental Studio.


Maintain oral hygiene effortlessly with clear aligners. Suitable for all ages, it's never too late to achieve the smile you've dreamed of. Schedule an initial consultation with our dentist in Ceres for a precise estimate of your treatment plan.

Sleep Apnea

Combat sleep apnea and snoring issues for restful sleep. Our range of treatment options ensures your airways stay open during sleep, preventing the collapse of soft tissue that blocks airflow.

Dental Implants

Oral hygiene is also easier to maintain with clear aligners vs. traditional braces. The treatment is for individuals of all ages. It is never too late to give yourself the smile that you have always dreamed of. For a more accurate estimate of your treatment plan, schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Popat.

Teeth Whitening

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or have problems with snoring, we can help restore you to restful sleep. We offer a variety of treatment options to help ensure your airway remains open for peaceful sleep. It occurs when your muscles relax during sleep, allowing soft tissue to collapse and block your airway.

Family-Focused Dentistry for All Ages

Creating Healthy &
Lifelong Smile

At our Ceres, CA dental practice, we extend a warm invitation to patients of every age. Whether it’s your routine cleaning, a tooth restoration, or a desire to enhance your smile, our comprehensive services cater to all your dental needs.

Receiving young ones from around two to three years old, we prioritize positive experiences for children. Our dedicated team strives to create a welcoming and safe environment, ensuring kids look forward to future dental visits. Familiarizing your child and yourself with dentist visits is crucial for instilling the importance of maintaining good oral health in Ceres, CA— a gift of a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Creating Healthy Smiles

Affordable Care, No Insurance Needed

At Divine Dental Studio, we’re passionate about ensuring everyone has access to quality dental care, with or without insurance. Our Divine Membership Plan offers discounted, hassle-free treatment at an affordable price, saving you hundreds. Say goodbye to insurance hassles and waiting periods.

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Quality Dental Care

Prompt Care

From your first tooth onward, we care for your smile. We offers dental services to patients of all ages.

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Compassionate & Gentle

Your comfort is our priority. Our skilled dentist in Ceres and his team ensures compassionate treatment for a wide range of dental needs in a caring environment.

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State-Of-The-Art Technology

We maintain the highest standards of infection control, providing skilled care with the assistance of advanced technology.

Advanced Technology

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Prioritize your oral health with us. Schedule your appointment today for exceptional care and a commitment to your overall well-being

Dr. Lomesh Popat
For Transformative Dental Care

Meet Dr. Lomesh Popat

Experience a warm and inviting atmosphere at Dr. Popat’s office, where your comfort is a top priority. Driven by a lifelong desire to make a positive impact, he is dedicated to creating radiant, enduring smiles. Schedule a consultation today to start off with your personalized treatment.

Dr. Popat graduated with honors from a prestigious dental school in India. Continuing his dental education at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, he has been serving the Central Valley community with both expertise and passion for every patient. Apart from his dental achievements, he holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health. He is proficient in Dental Implants and is also a Qualified Dentist of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, helping patients with Sleep Apnea.

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A Fusion of Art and Dentistry at Divine Dental Studio

At our practice, we specialize in creating, maintaining, and restoring beautiful, healthy smiles. Utilizing advanced technology, we offer a full range of family, cosmetic, and implant dentistry services.

To us, every smile is an opportunity for creation—building better oral health, crafting more beautiful smiles, restoring confidence, and ultimately enhancing lives. Smile care, for us, is an art form. We take joy in assisting you in preserving, safeguarding, and creating a masterpiece you’ll be proud to share.

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Perfect Smile with Proven Technology

Are you dissatisfied with your smile? We have a lot of possibilities for you with our advanced technology and top-notch equipment including 3D Oral and CBCT Imaging. Connect with our dedicated dentist in Ceres, CA, who spare no effort in creating smiles that speak volumes!

Divine Membership Plan

At Divine Dental Studio, we believe that even if you don’t have dental insurance, you should have access to affordable care. Our Divine Membership Plan will work towards providing you with excellent care at a discounted price point. You will have the option to get the treatment you need without the hassle of insurance denials and waiting periods. Our membership plan costs just $1 per day and can save you hundreds of dollars on treatment.

Disclaimer: This membership plan is only for our patients that do not have dental insurance. Discount does not apply to retail products. This Plan can only be honored at Divine Dental Studio.

You will not receive a membership card. Your plan’s effective date will be on file with our office.

Auto renewal policy – 5% off. Sign up for auto-renewal of your discount plan and receive 5% off next year’s premium. Ask our front desk team members how to sign up for this great offer!

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Sleep Tight with Our Sleep Apnea Solutions

Find relief from Sleep Apnea, a disruptive disorder that robs you of restful sleep. Our dentist, Dr. Popat and his team is ever ready to guide the residents in Ceres, CA, through manageable treatments, ensuring you overcome this condition and reclaim peaceful nights. Say goodbye to interruptions and cuddle rejuvenating sleep with our tailored remedies.

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Dentist In Ceres

Divine Dental Studio of Ceres
Based on 141 reviews
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I Would highly recommend Divine dental for any dental needs, all the staff starting with the front desk were wonderful thanks Beatrice for your exceptional service, all the dental assistants were extremely helpful and made sure you were good throughout your procedure and finally to Dr. P. He was so gentle and quick explained everything to me and definitely proved he knew what he was doing. THANKS DIVINE DENTAL TEAM!
This was my first time at Divine Dental Studio and it was such a wonderful experience! The staff was so friendly and welcoming, they definitely made it a great experience. 😊 I highly recommend coming here!
Very Happy with them , very thorough loved the way they received me very welcoming. There all Amazing.
Great Doctor very gentle me, and the staff very nice as while. I give them a 10 Stars 🌟 🤩 Thank you for giving me back my Smile again God Bless you all. Barbara Dodd
Loved, and enjoyed every minute. Very nice and makes you feel very comfortable and welcome. thank again Devine Dental.
Best dental office around. New facility very clean Dr listens to his patients from first time u enter until u leave everyone very friendly. They even work w ur insurance!!!
My Sweetheart Kathy Rizor says they Listen to what you have to say gentle patient great all around great service . Clean and wonderful Bldg. Great & wonderful people work here took a picture of Jessica
I came to this office and loved my experience! Everyone was so nice and the office was beautiful. I felt like I was in a good place with good people!
This is the best Dentist I’ve been to. I had seen multiple dentists before coming to Divine Dental Studio and every previous Dentist has told me I needed to extract my tooth after my existing crown had fallen out. Divine Dental gave me a very thorough exam and was able to put a new crown on my existing tooth saving me from having to get an extraction and having to pay a fortune for an implant! This will be my new dentist going forward for all preventative dental work.
I was really nervous about coming to the dentist since it has been some time since I was last seen. This was my first time here and everyone was really nice. Susan did a good job cleaning my teeth and was really gentle around the areas that were sensitive. Overall I was really impressed and will be coming back here for my dental appointments.
Divine Dental is a nice and friendly environment as soon you go in friendly service. The girls are all wonderful. Doctor is very nice and I have to say he is very gentle my experience with him in my visit today was very different from other dentist he has a light hand very consider it.
this whole office is amazing including the staff, very patient and understanding, they really show how much they care for one another i’m glad i spent time here for my student hours hope to be back soon with these incredible people and beautiful office.
The experience was exceptional! Staff readily met all my needs and ensured I was comfortable. The Doctor was superb. The best experience I have had at a dentistThank you so much
Greatest experience I have ever had. Staff was super friendly, experienced, and I received great dental care. Dr. Lomesh Popat was gracious, and promptly tended to my needed care. Highly recommend this dental service. My sincere appreciation to all.
Had a great time coming here for my first dentist visit. The dentist doctor was very knowledgeable and so was his assistants, who were doing my cleaning. Definitely appreciate how cozy the environment was coming in and the TV shows available.
The staff and Dr were very nice and attentive. My first visit but I will be back for follow ups. Dr and assistant explained everything and were interested in my total health not just dental work. One of my more relaxed dental appointments for sure.
Besides their awesome, inviting, very clean aesthetic! I loved the hospitality that was given from the people who worked there. Dentist Popat was generous and understanding by suggesting cheaper alternatives for those who are financially tight. He seemed genuinely interested in the concerns I had initially came in for and assisted me in a cheaper route of maintaining a clean and pretty smile!
This place s a great dental clinic with helpful and professional staff! Dr Popat was very attentive and caring, ensured that I feel comfortable and explained everything so well. The treatment was completely painless and I was happy with the results! Will be back for my regular check ups.

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Divine Dental Studio of Ceres
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